US Embassy Riga

US EMBASSY RIGA, DONTAL GROUP`s personnel displayed a high level technical competency. The technicians followed all established safety procedures for accessing confined spaces or working with hazardous chemicals. The technicians always used the proper equipment and ensured all the system were operational when the work was completed.


DONTAL GROUP is competent organization. Their personnel are professional and performed the contracted services within the established schedule.

AS Tartu Terminal

In April 2019, DONTAL GROUP has been providing an internal cleaning of 26 horizontal tanks (75 m3 each) and their pipes at our terminal. The tanks were cleaned after exhaust oil and additionally 4 vertical tanks were cleaned after storing a diesel.

In our opinion, Dontal Group performs an excellent tank cleaning service and is solving all of our challenges and at this field. Dontal Group sees the solutions, and one of their great strengths is JetPetroCleanTM equipment.

The cleaning equipment is definitely most complete and has best facilities within its market.


During the period from January 2012 to January 2013 ERS Ltd. Participated in the supply Project of the aviation jet fuel for NATO ISAF in Afghanistan. The company`s main task in this projct was the railway tank cars` provision, train – formation and freight forwarding to the recipient through Estonia, Russian Federation and other countries.  Company performed its task in cooperation with the tank cleaning company DONTAL, hich carried out the preparation of the railway tank cars for the jet fuel loading.

All railway tank car preparation operations, such as the internal cleaning from the last product residue, the tank internal washing, drying and degassing was performed by DONTAL in mechanized mode with using JetPetroClean™ equipment o their own production.

DONTAL company experts adapted maximally their equipment to the railway tank car preparation requirements. In addition, they designed and manufactured the special tank cleaning unit JetPetroClean™ for preparing the railway tank cars for the jet fuel loading.

The work was carried out on a fixed schedule with excellent quality.

E.R.S. Ltd. Management expresses its gratitude to DONTAL for the quality and professional work that has allowed our company to fulfill all obligations under the Project execution.

AS EVR Cargo

AS EVR Cargo would like to thank DONTAL GROUP for the developing JetPetroClean™ for internal cleaning of railway tank wagons. JetPetroClean™ equipment was installed in the Tapa repair depot and made it possible to carry out all the cleaning, degassing and drying of tank wagons before their repair, by the depot itself without the involvement of contractors.

AS Scanweld

Scanweld P.L.C. hereby expresses a gratitude to DONTALG GROUP Limited for a productive and high-quality approach in designing and manufacturing of JetPetroClean™ cleaning equipment for storage tanks internal cleaning and is pleased to thank for a provision of high-level cleaning services for technological oil pipelines and internal cleaning of storage tanks.


Due to professional approach of DONTAL GROUP engineers and due to technical capabilities of JetPetroClean™ technology developed, DONTAL GROUP has established itself as a reliable and professional partner.


Scanweld P.L.C. appreciates DONTAL GROUP`s attitute and is looking forward to further cooperation.


RVTEST is writing to to thank DONTAL for the succesful working relationship that the two cmpanies built up during the cooperation for the project to supply jet fuel for NATO ISAF in Afghanistan.

We are of the opinion that the service DONTAL provides is up to the highest of professional standards out there. RVTEST is definetely hoping to further the cooperation between two companies, because we are certain of DONTAL`s ability to produce only best results.

AS Alexela Sillamäe

AS Alexela Sillamäe recognizes the professionalism of DONTAL GROUP in delivery and execution of works using JetPetroClean™ cleaning equipment.


Due to technical capabilities of JetPetroClean™, the work was carried out on a high and environment — friendly level, the efficiency of cleaning long route technical pipelines and fuel tanks compliance with all requirements for environmental protection and our demands. We thank and mark you as a reliable and professional partner.